Lawsuit filed for ACLU for Info on ICE Practice of Posing as Local Police

Today my office filed a lawsuit on behalf of the ACLU of Southern California seeing seeks records concerning Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ practice of posing as local police departments investigating non-immigration related crimes, wearing misleading uniforms, and engaging in other deceptive conduct to conceal their identity. Through these ruses, ICE agents have attempted to gain an individual’s consent to enter their home or other private property without a warrant.

This practice has been widely reported in the media.

The ACLU of Southern California submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request seeking information related to ICE agents’ practice of misrepresenting or concealing their identity when conducting enforcement actions. But after more than eight months, they still haven’t received any responsive documents.

We are suing to force ICE to force it to provide these records. Read the complaint here.